With over 55 years of combined mechanical designing and manufacturing experience, our team of engineers are ready to take on projects of any magnitude. Compared to others in the industry, NINJA GEARZ designs have the option to adjust without the high cost of replacement after using repeated courses. Our unique obstacles are designed to allow users to set the obstacles according to their height, strength, skills and comfort level. The versatility of our designs allow for a single obstacle to be used in more than one way by having two or even more obstacles built into one. This added feature not only saves valuable space for the facility owner but also gives the user a new experience every time.

Our obstacles are designed and engineered for all ages and skill levels, whether you are a professional Ninja athlete or someone who is newly joining the Ninja Warrior phenomenon, NINJA GEARZ wants to deliver a safe and fun experience for you. We design all our obstacles with safety in mind and every single component, from structure to the hardware, are engineered and manufactured to exceed testing standards. All our obstacles and equipment are safety certified.